When David de Rothschild asked me to document the Plastiki mission I said yes without hesitation. For the next three years I traveled to San Francisco to follow the building of the 60 f00t catamaran floating on over 12.500 recycled plastic bottles. And then we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean bound for Sydney.

On board Plastiki, Pacific Ocean, May 13th
The Ocean is not the sum of billions of droplets of water but a majestic liquid muscle breaded like those in a thoroughbred hind legs. It flexes and expands weaving itself into unexpected patterns. At times it mirrors the sky blurring the horizon and disorienting the sailors. This is the playing field between air and water. The pressure zone where life brews itself into organisms. These are the hands of a much bigger clock that we can see.

The Equatorial Crew.
The Equatorial Crew.

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  1. giovanna caprioglio

    Buongiorno Luca, saremmo interessati ad acquistare le sue foto di Plastiki, potrebbe contattarci?

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