Luca Babini Bio

Luca Babini (AKA Acool55) 

Luca Babini is a renowned fashion photographer, filmmaker, and artivist, honored with many awards. Since April 2016, under the artist name Acool55, he started combining street art and sustainable development to awaken a brand-new conscience. As a photographer, eco-adventurer, and street artist, he stands on the frontline of raising environmental awareness. In collaborations with UNICEF or on the PLASTIKI expedition, he stands out from the crowd as a believer, a maker, and a darer.

He was the co-founder and creative director of kodezero, a digital marketing agency based in New York with a focus on sustainability and corporate philanthropy.
His work can be seen on Instagram @acool55 and @lucababiniphoto or 

Station16 – Montreal 2018
Con Artist – NYC 2019
195 Allen – NYC 2018-2019
Soho Art Walks NYC 2021
CADAF Digital Art Months New York-Miami 2020
CADAF Digital Art Month Paris 2021
Immersive Room CADAF – Viva Tech – Paris 2021
Digital Art Month Paris 2022
Upcoming solo exhibition 2023

Contact: EMAIL